Claim NoCC2022401
Company nameSwift Marine
Date of sale2022/04/23
Issue classificationAl corrosion
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Defective partscorrosion in Hull and Flooring has lifted
Serial No.CN-HFD16264G021
Number of defects6
Name of present owner:(First)Adam
Suggested repairReplacement of hull. Customer has had the boat for 4 weeks
Estimated cost of repair in USD$1718.00 landed in Australia
Upload files298950.PDF
Description of issue

There is 2 parts to this claim
1 - There is the corrosion in the hull. There are 6 places around the hull where corrosion can be seen under the powder coating. the location of these areas range from the transom to the bow. note there is are two items attached to the hull. One is an aluminium angle on the fuel tank pad and the other is a set of plastic dingy wheels. The aluminium angle is attached with aluminium rivets and the dingy wheels are attached with S/S bolt. The S/S bolts have been insulated from the hull by rubber washes on the inside and the plastic wheel frame on the out side. See photos

2 - The floor panels have come away from the hull. As seen in the photos the adhesive has not bonded with flooring material.
Floor panels can be peeled with no resistance. same fault as other claims.

Picture of the boat with HIN.
Pictures or videos of defects