Claim NoCC2022400
Company nameSwift Marine
Date of sale2021/10/01
Issue classificationBroken parts
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ModelSport 560
Defective partsCracks in BOL800 Seat around cup holders
Serial No.CN-HFD18466K021
Number of defects2
Outboard engine brandHonda
Outboard engine HP100hp
Name of present owner:(First)NEIL
Name of present owner:(Last)O'SULLIVAN
Suggested repairRepair of cracks would not be cost refective and would crack again due to the amount of flex/movement in this face of the seat. this face needs to have some strength added to stiffen the face to prevent movement. Replace the BOL800 seat. For us to swap the components from the damage seat body to a new seat body would cost $650 USD. To remove the existing seat, clean and prep for new seat would cost $165 USD
Estimated cost of repair in USD$165 if factory were to replace seat.
Description of issue

Cracks have appeared around cup holders in the rear of a BOL800 seat. The face that the cup holders are positioned in flexes very easily. if you pressure on the cup holder this face pops in and out.

Picture of the boat with HIN.IMG_5852.jpg
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